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Best pellet grills and smokers for 2020 - Buyers Guide

Pellet grills are a class of grills that use compressed real wood pellets to generate heat and smoke to what you are cooking. Pellet grills make true BBQ smoking available to most people, because in general they all have electronic starters, they have a thermostat which will keep the grill at your setting.

Best Overall Pellet Grill

This pellet grill doesn't come cheap, however it provides enough space to be able to cook/grill/smoke a family meal. Additionally it has the update controller, more convection downdraft exhaust, and can reach higher temperatures (500°) enough to sear a good steak. This is our choice for best overall pellet grill.

Minimum Temperature 165° Maximum Temperature 500° Hopper Pellet Sensor Yes Total Cooking Space 885 sq. in. Hopper Capacity 20 lbs.

  • D2 Controller

  • Market Leader

  • Price

  • Great product

Best Overall Pellet Grill Runner up

It has to be this one. This is a very good if you don't want to shell out the cash for the Ironwood, it is roughly the same size, it doesn't have the downdraft convection, and instead has a chimney exhaust. It's max temp is 450°, and it has been updated with the Pro D2 Controller, which does include Wifire, and Traeger App Support. All in all a really great grill.

Total Cooking Space 780 sq. in. Hopper Capacity 18 lbs. Bottom Grate 570 sq. in. Top Grate 210 sq. in. Maximum Temperature 450°

  • Market Leading Brand
  • Strong Application support

Product Comparison By Specifications

Title Traeger Ironwood Series 885 Traeger Pro 780 Traeger Timberline 850 Lousiana Grills LG700 Louisiana Grills LG900 Pit Boss 700FB Pit Boss 1000 Traditions Weber SmokeFire EX6 Weber SmokeFire EX4
Featured Retailer
Details Traeger Grills/Ironwood Traeger Grills/Traeger Pro Series Traeger Grills/Traeger Timberline Grills Louisiana Grills/Louisiana Grills Louisiana Grills/Louisiana Grills Pitboss Grills/Pit Boss Grills Pitboss Grills/Pit Boss Grills Weber/SmokeFire Weber/SmokeFire
Model TFB89BLF TFB78GLE TFB85WLE 60700 60900 PB700FB PB1000T1 23510001 22510001


Bottom Grate 570 sq. in. 570 sq. in. 352 sq. in. 497 sq. in. 634 sq. in. 507 sq. in. 695 sq. in. 648 sq. in. 432 sq. in.
Middle Grate -- -- 308 sq. in. -- -- -- -- -- --
Top Grate 315 sq. in. 210 sq. in. 198 sq. in. 210 sq. in. 280 sq. in. 194 sq. in. 309 sq. in. 360 sq. in. 240 sq. in.
Hopper Capacity 20 lbs. 18 lbs. 24 lbs. 14 lbs. 14 lbs. 21 lbs. 31 lbs. 22 lbs. 22 lbs.
Minimum Temperature 165° 165° 200° 179° 179° 180° 180° 200° 200°
Maximum Temperature 500° 450° 500° 600° 600° 500° 500° 600° 600°
Total Cooking Space 885 sq. in. 780 sq. in. 850 sq. in. 753 sq. in. 958 sq. in. 700 sq. in. 1004 sq. in. 1008 sq. in. 672 sq. in.
Weight (Pounds) -- -- -- 141 lbs. 160 lbs. 118 lbs. 183 lbs. -- --


Total Hooks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2 2
Hopper Pellet Sensor Yes -- Yes No No No -- Yes Yes
Mobile Application Traeger Application Traeger Application Traeger App -- -- -- -- Weber Connect Application Weber Connect Application


  • Weber Grills
  • SmokeFire


  • BBQ Pellet Grill

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