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Best Home Improvement Stores for DIY Home Improvement Supplies & Tools

Are you considering revamping your home but don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet? Professional home improvement projects could be costly, especially if you’re looking to completely change the way your interiors look. But if your next home improvement idea involves just changing a few key details, DIY could mean your home looks professionally polished and you stay within your budget.

Here are a few budget-friendly ideas to help you recreate expensive-looking home renovations – and the home improvement stores to shop at!

Affordable Home Improvement Stores to Shop for Bathroom Fixtures, Power Tools, and Other Home Improvement Tools

Whether you’re looking to dobathroom home improvement or going for simple redecoration in your living room area, there are easy ways to change your interiors without spending a fortune.

Shop in the best home improvement stores

Places likePier1, Kohls, Ace Hardware, and Home Depot are good places to start. Looking for kitchen cabinets, hanging pictures, spray paint, or crown molding?It’s vital to already have planned your project before shopping at any of these stores.Once you know what you need, you’ll be able to purchase all the materials and tools for home improvement you’ll need for the project. These stores supply power tool accessories, bathroom home improvement fixtures, and other accessories to bring old and stale spaces to life.

Get creative using cordless power tools

When you do it yourself, aside from becoming good at renovation, you’ll develop the problem-solving skills necessary for handling unexpected situations that come with any home improvement idea. You’ll learn how to do a pre-assessment and evaluate whether adding new items or taking away certain parts of your home could affect its overall structure.

You can also look for inspiration from these home improvement stores or go check social media platforms such as Pinterest. There are myriads of inspirational ideas you can derive for bathroom remodeling, hardwood flooring, and living room designs on these platforms.

Make it fun! Do projects with the family

If you’re looking to do something productive for a weekend or two with the kids, working on an easy home improvement idea could be a fun activity you could share with them. It could be as simple as shopping for decoration pieces to painting walls for their bedrooms. In this way, you can create wonderful memories with them while at the same time teaching them new skills and having fun together.

Use power tool accessories and cut renovation costs

Do-it-yourself projects can be intimidating, especially for those who are just starting out.To start, simply purchase power tools, a tape measure, a cordless drill, and other home renovation tools from credible stores like Ace Hardware and Walmart if you’re planning to create your own furniture or shelving. You can take inspiration from Pinterest and other prominent home renovation influencers. Be mindful to only choose projects that you feel your skills can match up to.

Have wider options

Doing home renovation yourself gives you the freedom to explore other ways of creating the style you want. Working with a professional renovator may come with limitations, especially with the designs. When you’re doing just a few changes for your home, you save money on renovation fees while building the skills for future home projects. Plus, if you check credible sites offering great deals for furniture and fixtures, you get even better discounts.

Earn as a side hustle

Learning home improvement skills such as electrical work and woodworking could earn you extra cash in the future. After you’ve accumulated enough experience, skills, and power tool accessories, you can market yourself as a home renovator. You can start creating your portfolio and building your network to potentially earn more money doing this as a side hustle.

Places to Start with Your Home Improvement DIY Journey

Updating old fixtures

You’d be amazed at what a new light fixture could do for your space. Pier 1 is the best place to start looking for modern fixtures like decorative lights and glimmer strings. You can create a totally different ambiance if you switch your old bulbs with modern glass globes with Edison bulbs inside.

Create a luxurious but functional bathroom design by simply de-cluttering. Free up some space by adding beautiful and functional storage baskets. You can also install over-the-toilet units to easily access toiletries. Upgrade your bath rugs with fancy Moroccan rugs or Persian types. These may look fragile at first glance but these items generally last a long time.

Giving your space a fresh lease in life

For beginners who are new to painting, it’s important to have a concept in mind of how you want the end result to look! Choose the right colors that best complement your existing furniture and fixtures (unless you also plan to give these an upgrade too). If you’re giving your front door a makeover, pick a bright bold color for an instant pick-me-up!

There are several options for a fresh coat of paint available in Home Depot such as Glidden, Rust-Oleum, and Behr to name a few. Ask for paint swatches or paint samples so you can get a better visual of what your paint combination will look like during the day and night.

After you’ve chosen the colors you’d like, you can proceed with buying paint tools and materials such as brushes and trays. You can also purchase these items from the home improvement stores where you purchased the paints.

Keep it classy by giving your curtains an upgrade

Save money and transform standard rooms into friendly, warm, and inviting spaces just by changing the curtains. Kohls has a stunning selection of drapes and curtains to style your living room or bedroom into luxurious spaces. From monochromatic shades to fancy curtains for your little princess’s bedroom, you can change up the way your rooms look by just tweaking this small detail.

Minimalist interior designs tend to lean more towards monochromatic shades. For this to work, you need to match the colors of your curtains with the wall color. To block out light, Kohl also has a great selection of blackout curtains that come in numerous shades to fit your living room or bedroom theme.

Maximize unused corners

Are you having trouble keeping your space neat and tidy? Declutter and tidy by setting up easy-to-install wooden shelves in unused corners. You can find inspiration for these spaces by checking sites like Pinterest and Instagram. After you’ve conceptualized the kind of shelves you’d like for your home, it will be time to go bargain hunting for the materials.

Ace Hardware and Walmart are two of the best places to check for wood and power tool accessories. Ace Hardware has some of the best plywood and lumber selections fit for any DIY woodworking project. Then, head to Walmart for home improvement tools, mallets, cordless power tools, and hand tool sets.

Opting for functional flooring

Has your carpet been there forever? One way to give any room in your home an upgrade is to take out the fitted carpets and install tiles or wooden flooring. These give it a timeless look while remaining functional. Plus, you save yourself time to enjoy a whole weekend Netflix binging without worrying about having to vacuum the carpet!

Ace Hardware has a wide selection of wood finishes you can choose from to keep the integrity of your wooden floors longer. Don’t forget to check discount sites to get any purchases from Ace Hardware at bargain prices.

Other Best Deals for Do-it-Yourself Home Improvement Projects

Your sofa is generally one of the focal points in your living room. Even if you can’t afford a new one, you can still make the most of your existing sofa set by just changing its covers and adding a few fancy throw pillows to give it an upgraded look. Surefit has a wide selection of furniture covers that are not just functional, but also rich in color and easy on the budget.

Looking for some inspiration to give your living room or bathroom a new life? Add these fancy decorative pieces from Apt2B. You don’t need expensive items to give your space a boost. Choose patterned rugs to break the monotony of your living room space. You can also add ottomans and puffs as additional pieces to complement the surrounding theme.

Home Improvement without Breaking the Bank

With a little bit of creativity (and wise shopping methods), you can pull off a budget-friendly home renovation that looks like it’s been done by a pro!

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