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John Philip Mason

Outdoors, Camping, Hiking

John Mason was born in the small town of Arlington, Virginia. He grew up in the suburbs but developed a love for nature early. After attending college, he began his career as a nature writer and outdoor editor.

Andy has authored several books on hiking and camping. Additionally, he is a regular contributor to outdoors magazines and websites. One of his publications on amazon is "Hiking at its best."

He also has his blog, Mason's moves. He also teaches wilderness survival classes and leads guided hikes throughout the country.

John Mason's favorite outdoor activity is hiking. He enjoys the challenge of challenging trails and the beauty of nature. He also loves to camp, especially in the backcountry, where he can get away from it all.

When he's not writing or teaching, John enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. He also likes to work on his Subaru and go for drives in the country.

Articles by John Philip Mason

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