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Get the best deals for Black Friday 2021

Tips to get great Deals

Getting a great deal on Black Friday takes a little preparation and a little bit of planning. Use all of the tools available. One of the benefits of this year being an online experience, you will be able to use tools like to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Top 10 things to do to get a great deal

1. Plan ahead, determine what you are looking to be buy and find the retailers that have it, and then watch them.

1. Be open to getting other deals. One of the great things about Black Friday is that you don't know what retailers are going to put on sale. So be open getting something that may not be on the list right now.

1. Get a cash back credit card. This can be as easy as getting a paypal debit card, which gives cash back, or get a cash back credit card from some of the major providers like Chase, Wells Fargo, Discover Card, and more.

1. Get familiar with cash back websites, and monitor the cash back rates for your retailers. How do you monitor cash back you might ask? Use a site like, this site compares many cash back site rates, against many retailers, so that you can get the best deal.

1. Track the deals, a lot of times retailers have many deals, including there own loyalty system, so you can triple stack cash back (1 through a credit card, 2 through a cash back site, and 3 through the retailer themselves) plus the you add in the discount from the deal, and you are practically getting your purchase for free.

We hope that these ideas help you get a better deal online. Happy Shopping.

Top Discounted TVs

Top Grate 248 sq. in. Middle Grate 0 sq. in. Total Cooking Space 501 sq. in. Hopper Capacity 10 lbs. Bottom Grate 253 sq. in.

  • Leg Levelers for easy leveling
  • Lots of capacity for a small portable grill
  • Built in Bottle Opener
  • Not enough capacity as a primary grill
  • If you are looking for a foldable pellet grill this one might be your go to, the cost, size and capacity check a lot of boxes.

  • Benefit of double air frying
  • Smart FInish feature is a game changer, both sides will finish at same time
  • Much bigger size
  • Ninja is a solid brand, and the Air Fryer XL is no exception. It is a great unit, especially if you air fry multiple items at the same time.
Hopper Capacity 28 lbs. Total Cooking Space 1068 sq. in. Bottom Grate 693 sq. in. Middle Grate 0 sq. in. Top Grate 375 sq. in.

  • Large Capacity
  • Very highly rated
  • Very Large Hopper Capacity
  • Wifi/App Support is a work in progress
  • Overall a good grill for the price. It's large size and ample workarea make a it a winner.

Black Friday Deals

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Surfshark Black Friday deal

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Brads Deals: 11/24 Columbia Black Friday Sale! 25% off Almost Everything + 50% off Doorbusters Plus Free Shipping. No code required.

Columbia Sportswear

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