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We began a long time ago in 1878 in Via degli Artisti in Borgo Vanchiglia Turin experimenting with chocolate These experiments were so successful that after some years came Nougatine a chocolate with chopped caramelized Piedmont Hazelnuts then coated in extradark chocolate and the Venchi store wa...

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Venchi chocolate with hazelnuts is a product with a uniquely exceptional flavour, made with a combination of two high-quality products and great delicacy.

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Shop for Venchi high-quality Hazelnut Chocolate

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Enjoy the Venchi Chocolate Mini Bars.

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Venchi milk chocolate: milk and natural vanilla essence

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Venchi Pick & Mix - Surprising, colorful, delicious: discover now our new Chocoviar Crème Suprema and Chocoviar Gianduia chocolates.

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