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FlyFin is the 1 AI tax app in the world trusted by over 100000 freelancers independent contractors and small business owners to help them keep more of what they earn

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3 Coupons and Deals from FlyFin AI Tax

Eliminate 95% of tax prep work and makes filing effortless. A.I. finds every possible deduction, down to the smallest tax write-off, while FlyFin's team of CPAs specializing in 1099 taxes review, prepare and file tax returns for freelancers and self-employed individuals.

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File 1099 taxes with expert CPAs & save $3,700 more this year. Unleash the power of A.I. & CPAs to make your 1099 taxes effortless. Try it for Free.

+$15.00 Cash back

A.I. finds deductions you never knew about. Expert CPAs prepare and file your federal & state returns. Get extra tax savings of $3,700. Try it for Free.

+$15.00 Cash back
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