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Adagio is a family run business that runs on a simple principle " good tea was an integral part of a good life" with that in mind the family started a online presence that has grown to multiple distribution centers around the world.

The brothers, armed with mom's passion for tea, created an online tea store they called Adagio, a musical term meaning "slow," or "at ease." The word perfectly captured tea helping us unwind, slow down and relax.

5 Coupons and Deals from Adagio Teas
Sample new coffee at $3 each! Our roasts come in 2oz packs, making it easy and affordable to try new coffee.
+3.75% Cash back
text link for Lardera Smart Kettle
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Plain-vanilla link for those instances when less is more.
+3.75% Cash back
teas in customized tins to serve as memorable wedding favors
+3.75% Cash back
Chai Tea is now available at Adagio Teas.
+3.75% Cash back
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