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Model: PMD 6 G
Manufacturer: Panther Martin
Brand: Panther Martin

Panther Martin Deluxe Gold 1/4oz

Panther Martin Deluxe Spinners have "that special something." The spinner blade design defies convention by being both concave and convex. Instead of trailing through water, the blade spins like an off-center propeller around the shaft - passing through the blade itself - creating "hydrosonic waves" that excite all game fish for sudden savage strikes! The vibrant color patterns of Panther Martin "Classic" spinners are proven color combinations for this proven sonic design.The all silver, all gold colors and painted patterns of the traditional Panther Martin deluxe lures make them classic fish catching lures. Our unique brass body and direct through the shaft design creates a uniquely effective lure. One of our all time best sellers.

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