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Manufacturer: Milo's Kitchen
Brand: Milo's Kitchen

Milo's Kitchen Chicken Meatballs Dog Treats

The best treats come right from the kitchen, and Milo's Kitchen Chicken Meatballs Dog Treats are proof. These mouthwatering meatball treats have a soft texture and savory taste, and they’re made with real chicken as the #1 ingredient. They don’t just look like meatballs, but they actually are meatballs, which makes them worthy of hiding in a safe spot for later and even better for eating right on the spot. They’re deliciously wholesome snacks with an authentic, natural chicken flavor. Show them the love with a treat that’s cooked to perfection and has no artificial flavors or colors—just home-style goodness.

$8.20 +3.00% Cash back $7.95