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Model: KTB003
Manufacturer: Kata
Brand: Kata

Kata 3-Ply Pleated Disposable Face Mask, Adult, One Size, Box of 50

Kata 3-Ply Pleated Face Mask, Adult, One Size, Box of 50.

Product Features

  • 3 layers of soft non-woven fabric making it breathable and comfortable to use every day.
  • EN 14683:2019 compliant
  • Flammability (16 CFR Part 1610.7)
  • No Returns
  • Convenient alternative to cotton face coverings.
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥95% (En 14683:2019 Annex B) and ASTM F2101-19
  • These disposable face masks have elastic ear loops to easily fit all sizes and stay securely on your face.
  • For adult use at home, office, outside, workplace, travel, etc.
  • Metal nose clip on top of mask for snug fit across nose.
  • Simple to Use - Wash hands thoroughly prior to mask application. Wrap ear loops around both ears. Press nose bridge to provide a tight seal at the bridge of nose and pull bottom to below chin.
  • WARNING: THIS MASK IS NOT A RESPIRATOR OR A SURGICAL MASK. It is NOT FDA cleared or NIOSH approved and it may or may not meet fluid barrier or filtration efficiency levels. It is recommended for use only by the general public. It is NOT recommended for use in: (1) any surgical setting or where exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; (2) a clinical setting where there is an infection risk through inhalation exposure; or (3) the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. This product does NOT eliminate the risk of contracting any disease, infection or virus.
  • Breathability (En 14683:2019 Annex C) and ASTM F2101-19
  • Non-surgical masks come in packs of 50, which is ideal for daily use.
  • Facemasks are intended for single usage. Reuse of facemasks is not generally recommended and is impacted by a number of variables, including the type and shape of the materials, straps, seals, bands, etc. The decision to permit extended use or limited reuse facemasks, or considerations with respect to cleaning or decontamination of facemasks should be made in consultation with federal, state, and local public health recommendations and in consultation with occupational health and/or infection control professionals. See Facemasks, CDC, (last updated June 28, 2020).]
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