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Manufacturer: Cat Chow
Brand: Cat Chow

Cat Chow Complete Dry Cat Food

Support your kitty from nose to tail with Purina Cat Chow Complete Dry Cat Food. Packed with yum, this high protein dry cat food is made with real, farm-raised chicken and loaded with high-quality protein to support your good girl's strong muscles. Plus, it has healthy carbs for vital energy and omega-6 fatty acids to help promote her shiny coat. Even better, this Cat Chow cat food is made to support your kitty from her playful kitten days all the way through adulthood, giving her the 100% complete and balanced nutrition she needs at every stage of life. 25 essential vitamins and minerals support her overall health and are paired with wholesome ingredients. Give your kitty the four cornerstones of nutrition at every feeding: high-quality protein, healthy carbs, essential fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals! With cat-approved goodness, this Purina Cat Chow dry cat food provides nutrition to make every moment complete for cats to live their best and brightest.

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