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Model: 1578324
Manufacturer: Bass Pro Shops
Brand: Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Snaggin Special Levelwind Reel

The Bass Pro Shops® Snaggin Special Levelwind Reel is the perfect snagging reel. Designed to withstand the rigors of snagging, the round Snaggin Special Levelwind Reel features a rugged, lightweight graphite frame and a machined, anodized aluminum spool for corrosion resistance, durability and easy handling. The reel's cast control knob applies continuous friction to the end of the spool shaft, while an audible bait clicker alerts you when a fish strikes and begins to pull line form the spool. When the alarm sounds, the Snaggin Special's multi-disc drag system gives you the leverage to take the fight to the fish, with large drag discs providing the smooth flow of line at any setting.

Bass Pro Shops
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