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Model: COOL-208-20
Manufacturer: ROLLICOOL

10,000 BTU (5,500 BTU, DOE) 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, App, and Alexa Voice Control in White

The COOL 208-20 by Rollibot is a modern solution for your cooling comfort, designed from the ground up for convenience and control. Boasting robust features, a quiet performance, smaller size, and several control options (including Alexa support) the 3-in-1 portable A/C unit with wheels gives you the freedom and flexibility to add comfort to your home, office, garage or RV unit with a press of a button, tap of the finger, or the sound of your voice. And with its small size and easy-slide casters, the COOL 208-20 is easy to move around your home. Control your COOL with Alexa skills. You can start or stop cooling, change modes, even set the temperature to get your room comfort-ready before you ever step foot in your home. The simple, user-friendly LED control display provides full control over the room air conditioner with wheels. But you won't have to move from the couch or your bed to control the unit. Just download the ROLLICOOL app, available on iOS and Android. Switch from cooling fan to fan-only. Every function that's available directly on the unit's display can be accessed from the app. Note: you must download the ROLLICOOL app and register for an account to use Alexa skills. Alexa won't be able to identify the default name, so be sure to change the name of your COOL 208-20 before pairing with Alexa; however, do not use in.AC in., in.A/C in., in.A-C in., or similar iterations, as this will interfere with some Alexa features.

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