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Refer Friends is too good of a deal to keep secret. Spread the word to all your friends. They'll get $5 and you'll get $5.

How does it work?

It’s easy to get started. Send your custom link to any of your friends, share it on social media, put it in your email footer, however you want to share it.

Whenever your promotional link is used to sign up, that person will be added to your list of referrals. After that, our system will automatically credit you once your referral has made more than $5 in cashback.

Are there limits to the referral program?

There’s no cut-off date, no time limit.

So long as they earn, you earn. It’s just another way offers its customers long-term benefits. Who knew sharing could be so rewarding?

Note: Referral rebates are not earned on manual account adjustments or signup credits from either customer service or automatically.

Note: Referrals credits are subject to review, and are paid on orders that occurred during a cashback payment period, and are still credited at the time of cashback payment.

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